JJ Rowe Diary: 4 Mar 1889


Joseph has now been at sea for three weeks. The anticipated tug-of-war takes place, with the outcome predicted by Joseph. More flying fish spotted, but it was been a few days since another ship was seen.

The Diary Entry

4.3.89 (Monday)

Three weeks today since we came on board. How quick the time fly’s. I did not wake till a few minutes to 6 am so missed my bath this morning.

Pollie seem rather poorly, could not eat scarce any breakfast. We have all got a cold now, baby’s as well. It would amuse any one to hear him cough for after he has finished coughing he always say (Aha) but he is very bright & jolly.

Saw some more flying fish this morning. Have not seen a Ship since Friday. I am told that we passed by Indian Troopship Serapes on her way home about 11 pm last night, but I did not see here.

They where races for the children round the Ship. A great many of them got prizes, six penny was there prizes (Jubilee six pennys). The tug of war was pulled this afternoon & the Artillery won. I knew they would as the men were bigger & our lot only picked out of two Companys, 5 men out of each & they had all their work cut out for them as it was. If we had picked 10 men out of all the Regt I don’t think they would have won it. The prize was 2 £ so it was 4 shillings a man.

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