JJ Rowe Diary: 5 Mar 1889


Bombay at last! After more than three weeks at sea, the troopship sails into port, and preparations are made to disembark.

Sassoon Docks, Bombay (Mumbai) 1865

WARNING: This is a transcription of an historical document. Some of the diary entries contain offensive language and stereotypes that must be understood in the context of the times. Such language and stereotypes are not acceptable today and are not condoned by the author of this blog.

The Diary Entry

5.3.89 Tuesday

Arose about 6 am. Orderly Sergt till after 10 am. Sent 15 men & 2 Cpls down below to help to get up the baggage. I hear we shall reach Bombay this afternoon & disembark tomorrow. After we leave Bombay we have 566 miles to go to Calicut where we are going on detachment so I think it will be near the end of this week before we reach our destination.

Just sighted land at 1230 pm. Can see two or three small sailing boats. I expect we shall reach it about 3 pm.

Sailed into Bombay about 3 pm. It looks a fine place. Seen plenty of peculiar boats around with blacks all shouting out what they have for sale, some speak English. Fairly plenty ice cream & buffalo cows & lemonade & guyerlew{?} & fruits.

We are not to disembark today. Several Cr Sergts & Sergts came on board to meet their wife & some of them their intended wife, as there is four or five more come to Bombay with us, to be married. On watch & baggage ——-{?} till about 1030 pm then laid down on deck till about 4 am.

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