JJ Rowe Diary: 19 Feb 1889


After several days of heavy seas, Joseph tells us that there has been a break in the weather. There is entertainment on deck, and Joseph and Pollie spend a happy time together.

The Diary Entry

19.2.89 Tuesday

At 4 Am watch sounded, no-one there but myself. scarce{?} the remained asleep. Officer of the watch & warrant Officer of the Navy made a bother about it, another Sergt & myself had to go before the Colonel about it. Explained matter, all correct.

Had salt pork & pickles & pea soup for dinner. Made a very good dinner, so did Pollie.

Saw the Ship with all her Sails out this afternoon. First time ever saw a Troopship with all her sails set, looked splendid.

Lovely weather. Had tea on deck, ham & eggs. Enjoyed it much, lovely night, & Band, played on deck. Two of us merry.

Expect to be in Port Said, tomorrow. Passed two Ships today, saw no land for this last two days. Must write a letter home.


Life aboard ship: With little to do aboard ship, Joseph focuses much his diary entries on food and meals. He often mentions meat, pickles, salted goods and other preserves, but does not mention vegetables other than onions and potatoes.

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  1. I suspect that the onions were pickled too, Ellen.

    1. No , fresh onions keep very well,
      Eaten raw are a source of vitamin C

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