JJ Rowe Diary: 10 Mar 1889


After 3 weeks aboard ship, Joseph and Pollie attend a Methodist Sunday service and Evangelist meeting. They reminisce with the minister about people and places from home, and are happy to have struck up a few friendships among their fellow Methodists.

WARNING: This is a transcription of an historical document. Some of the diary entries contain offensive language and stereotypes that must be understood in the context of the times. Such language and stereotypes are not acceptable today and are not condoned by the author of this blog.

The Diary Entry

10.3.89 (Sunday)

Church parade at 6.40 Am so I did not go to roll call. Had mutton & chops, Parnarners & cocoa nut for breakfast & passed the time away in reading.

Got the Khaki clothing out, but are not to wear it when walking out.

Had mutton & onions sauce & rice pudding for dinner. Had eggs, Marmalade & water cresses for tea at 5.20 pm.

I being the only Sergt here a Wesleyan I had to march the party & Pollie was gone as she had to carry baby. After the Service the men where allowed to fall out & go where they like.

Pollie had the pleasure of knowing Mr Clutterbuck the Minister here. He has only been here two years. Today was the Anniversarry day & a splendid sermon he preached from —-? 4 chapter & 6 verse.

After the ordinary Service the was an Evangelist Meeting. At a half hour interval during the interval two natives brought round two trays of cups of tea & biscuits. Mr & Mrs Clutterbuck came, & had a long conversation with us. He knows All old friends a Twickenham, as he was at Richmond College. We had a very nice meeting after we had pertaken of the tea. So we received a very hearty welcome from the Methodist in Bombay. I might say Mr Clutterbuck is the first Wesleyan Minister out here & God has been very gracious & blessed his efforts. I will send a paper, which is publish called, the Record. He said he wished we where going to stay here & so did we.

The Petty Officer who I have mentioned before, was at Chapel. He & a civilian & a Condu–? who is a Warrant Officer, who has been out here 18 years, gave us his address & told us he would be very happy to see us, if we like to call, during or stay. They walked quite back to Camp with us & so spent the first & very happy Sunday in India.

The meeting had a regular Source of the old Proficet{?} fire in it, & quite refresh our Weary Spirit after the confinement on board Ship.

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