JJ Rowe Diary: 24 Feb 1889


It’s Sunday on a very calm Red Sea, and Joseph’s focus is hygiene and his Christian faith. Pollie takes a turn for the worse, and is attended to by the ship’s doctor.

The Diary Entry


Lovely morning, sea as calm as a mill pond, not ripple to be seen anywhere.

Had a bath again this morning, water lovely &warm. Going to have one every morning now. It is awfully hot, perspiration running off us.

Attended Service on Deck. My Poor Dove much worse, she fainted on deck. I took her down & put her to bed & the Doctor saw her at 10.30 am. Gave her some medicine & ordered a poultice for her chest.

I attended a little meeting down in the hold of the Ship amongst ourselves & two Christian Sailor. There were nine of us in all. Had a happy time of it. Forgot to say we passed a lighthouse called Deadless yesterday.

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