JJ Rowe Diary: 23 Feb 1889


Sailing on the Red Sea, the heat is unbearable, and Pollie is sick. There is, however, more merry-making on deck.

Troopship HMS Serapis, 1866-1894

WARNING: This is a transcription of an historical document. Some of the diary entries contain offensive language and stereotypes that must be understood in the context of the times. Such language and stereotypes are not acceptable today and are not condoned by the author of this blog.

The Diary Entry

23.3.89 (Saturday)

Lovely day. Saw land on the right. In the Red Sea now. Very hot today. Laying all over the deck anywhere & any how.

Fire bell rung at 10 am. Another false alarm as usual. Ma—{?} boat passed us about 3 pm going about 4 ½ knots an hour more than we.

On watch today. Concert on deck tonight. Officers & Ladys singing, Piano playing, an old fiddler a petty Officer, of the Navy played on an old fiddle which he played on for the Navy Brigade in the Zulu War, then handed it round for the Officers to look at, it look as if it was made of tin, with a fiddle stick the shape of a rainbow.

Poor Dove rather dicky tonight, sore throat & cold. Think she must have got a cold from that drenching she got the other day. Baby jolly. Myself Gay, had a bath in a canvas bath on deck this morning.

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