JJ Rowe Diary: 18 Feb 1889


Joseph describes violent sea swells and panic among the women on the ship. There were injuries and damage to the troopship.

The Diary Entry

18.2.89 Monday

Fine morning. Slept late. Sea roll very heavy. No wind hardly. Had our breakfast on deck. Ship rocked about very much & going down so low as to touch the waters edge, so women frighten very much, some crying & some calling out Good Lord deliver us. I was not frightened nor was Pollie as there was no danger what ever.

Preserve mutton for dinner. Eat none of it. Marine gave us our dinner, fryed meat & potatoes (very nice). Pollie thirsty, sent me for some water, (she was wet enough when I came back) During the time I was gone for it, a heavy sea struck the ship on the opposite side to what she was sitting. Broke some of the bulwarks, threw the men on that deck all one on top of the other & broke one poor fellows arm, of our Regt & went right across the Ship & drenched Pollie & the boy to their skin. I had to take their cloths to the drying room & get them dried.

Had supper in the bunk with Pollie. Lovely night on watch, & the moon shine splendid.

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