JJ Rowe Diary: 16 Feb 1889


Day 6 of Joseph’s voyage saw Pollie going ashore in Malta for groceries. The troopship pulled up anchor and continued on its journey, but it was lashed by a hurricane.

The Diary Entry

16.2.89 Saturday

Fine morning. Arose early. Took Pollie. got water, to wash baby. Had breakfast.

Pollie went on ashore & went to market. Brought back milk & cheese, which I am very fond of, some eggs, oranges, nuts, bacon & sausages, I was nevise [sic] time she went. Boy good, drank a whole bottle of milk while she was away & had fresh beef for dinner. Very good.

On guard, with 1 Corpl, 12 men, to keep sides of the decks clear of children &c. Afternoon, put button of coat. Pollie did some sewing.

Left Malta at 5 pm towed out by a steam tug{?} named Sampson (ought to be strong). Went to bed early, & went to sleep. Heed{?} it not the wind & Storm, which arose, & blew a hurricane & tore the sails a great deal. Woke once, tables & fooms{?}, sin pot & pans where rattling all over the place. Went to sleep again.


  1. Joseph was nervous while Pollie was ashore purchasing supplies, but was calm during a storm that tossed the ship about (!)
  2. A “sin pot” was a basin or crock of naturally fermented fruit compote.

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