JJ Rowe Diary: 15 Feb 1889


By mid-day on 15 February, which was the fifth day of travel, Joseph’s troopship had reached Malta, and had travelled a distance of 1,145 nautical miles from Gibraltar. The ship took on supplies, including fuel and food.

The Diary Entry

15.2.89 Friday

Fine morning. Rose at 6 am. Went in to see Pollie. She was in the wash-house. Took her some hot water & She stiped him & gave him a nice comfortable wash.

Had a good breakfast of eggs which I boiled, & went on deck. It rain at little but, not for long. Sighted land, all the way.

Wrote a letter to Minnie at 11 am, had dinner at 11.30 pm & anchored at Malta for coals. Gave the letter to a Sergt of the Medical Staff Corps who came on board to post for me.

I omitted to say we had salt pork & pickles for dinner, & pea soup, which we enjoyed much.

All the afternoon busy heaving in coals.

Some woman went ashore. Pollie did not. Bought some oranges of the Maltese, but they where dearer than at Gibr but very good. Had a good Supper of bread & cheese & onion. Pollie went to bed. I went on deck. No watch tonight as we where in harbour. Stopped on deck to hear a fellow playing & accordion & some singing – went to bed about ten, laid talking about old chums & such like till 12 midnight, then fell asleep half in the hammock & half out. Fortunately did not fall out.

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