Marriage Intentions Recorded in Aylsham Guardians’ Minute Books by Ellen Maki, Ph.D.

The Guardians’ minutes books make for a fascinating read, and although their primary purpose was to record the business of the poor law union guardians’ meetings, they also capture genealogically useful information as well.

I have been reading the guardians’ minutes books for the Aylsham poor law union in Norfolk, England, and have extracted the details of intended marriages that were read out at the meetings, all of which were to take place at either non-conformist churches or registrars’ offices. These were read out at 3 consecutive meetings in much the same way that banns would be read out in the parish church for Church of England parishioners.

These could serve as a useful finding aid – a guide to where to look for a couple’s marriage record. Like marriage banns, though, the reading out of an intended marriage does not necessarily mean that the couple followed through with their marriage, or if they did, it may have taken place somewhere other than the location noted in the guardians’ minutes.

The table below provides the details of the marriage intentions first announced at guardians’ meetings between 16 November 1847 and 31 December 1848.

Marriage Intentions, Nov 1847-Dec 1848, Alysham PLU Guardians’ Minutes

Date of 1st AnnouncementCoupleIntended Location of Marriage
21 Dec 1847James Proudfoot & Mary Ann Wilson, both of AylshamBaptist Chapel, Aylsham
11 Jan 1848Samuel Ducker & Hannah BrownSt Peters Wesleyan Chapel Norwich
4 Apr 1848John Keeler & Susanna BurtonWesleyan Chapel Aylsham
9 May 1848John Dye & Maria AbigailWesleyan Chapel Aylsham
16 May 1848Robert Bacon & Maria HindryWesleyan Chapel Hackford
30 May 1848John Williams & Hannah BuckenhamWesleyan Methodist Chapel Aylsham
30 May 1848William Woods & Frances HawesWesleyan Methodist Chapel Hackford
27 Jun 1848Thomas Lowe & Sarah DyballSuperintendent Registrar's Office Norwich
11 Jul 1848Daniel Newman & Ann AdamsSuperintendent Registrar's Office Norwich
25 Jul 1848James Davison & Susanna ButlerWesleyan Chapel Aylsham
26 Sep 1848James Smith & Leah BettsWesleyan Chapel Aylsham
3 Oct 1848Peter Pummell & Phoebe GaffWesleyan Chapel Hackford
14 Nov 1848Benjamin Ulph & Sophia BishopSuperintendent Registrar's Office Marsham


  1. Guardian’s Minute Books. England. Aylsham Poor Law Union, Norfolk. 16 November 1847 – 31 December 1848. Norfolk Record Office C/GP 1. Collection: England, Norfolk Poor Law Union Records, 1796-1900. : accessed 31 March 2016.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this data. My Aylsham folks aren’t in the list, but I am sure someone will benefit from it. Regards, Nan

    1. Thank you, Nan. There will be more transcriptions in the next few weeks, so do check back.

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