JJ Rowe Diary: 1 Mar 1889


Pollie is feeling better, but the illness must be spreading through the ship, since Joseph now reports feeling unwell. He also reports that there is skulduggery amongst the children in the nursery.

The Diary Entry

1.3.89 Friday

I slept on deck last night till about 4 Am this morning then the deck swabberes hunted me off down below. I did not have a bath this morning, as I felt rather dickey, & had such a nasty taste in my mouth. I went below & laid down till 6 a m then got up & got breakfast ready.

Pollie better, she eat a good breakfast, this morning.

Go on watch again at 8 am.

Cant see any land now & I suppose shall not till we reach Bombay. I hear we expect to reach there about next Tuesday. Shall be glad when we get there.

Had salt port & pickle for dinner. Had some more potted herring for tea.

A concert on deck again tonight about 7.30 pm.

Pollie went down below to see if baby was alright as we left him asleep with a bottle full of milk. She found him crying for a little boy about 3 year old who sleep in the next cot had unscrewed his bottle & drank all his milk.

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