JJ Rowe Diary: 27 Feb 1889


The ship passes the Port of Aden, and we learn more about food and drink aboard ship.

Port of Aden, 1890

The Diary Entry

27.2.89 Wednesday

Arose early, had a bath, & went to bed again. Poor Dove no better, did not eat any breakfast. I cooked some eggs, but she could not eat any. She went on deck. I made some beef tea & took to her which she drank.

9.30 a.m. just passed Aden on our left, did not call in but returned (signals). 11.30 A.M. went below. Pollie laid down & I got the (lime juice). We are served out with some of it every day now. It is so hot. Then I made a large tin mug full of arrowroot which she ate & felt better after eating it.

I had salt beef for dinner & plum pudding.  Paraded at 2 pm for Doctors inspect ion, with boots off & shirt sleeve roll up & chests bare. There is Doctors inspection every day now at 2 pm like that to see that the men keep themselves clean.

Had a good tea of ham. Pollie had biscuits & cheese & onion for her tea. Put baby to bed & then we both went on deck.

Pollie had some soup for supper. I had a ham bone to pick, which I had gave me. Dancing on deck to- night again. I am on watch for the night. Pollie went to bed about 8 PM.

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